My strong, beautiful, insightful friend Tyra (on IG as @_tyrajanae) posted this quote on her story yesterday and it spoke to my soul. “Sometimes the fear won’t go away. So you’ll have to do it afraid.” It got me thinking about the idea of going scared and some of the most pivotal moments in my life happened when I decided to do the thing that scared me the most.

Ending comfortable relationships because I knew they weren’t what was best for me allowed me to meet my wonderful husband of 6 years. Starting over at a new school sophomore year of college allowed me to get plugged into a church in Gwinnett that I love, find my people, and have the best undergrad experience at GGC. Choosing to leave a great job where I had trust and amazing colleagues and a consistent income (the scariest decision thus far) allowed me to go full time with RPP, serve over a hundred amazing couples and families over the past 2 years and learn how to make a living for myself doing something I love. All of those things were TERRIFYING and even felt like they might be the end of the world at the time. But all of the very best things in my life were born out of those moments of being afraid and doing it anyway!

Now I’m at this crossroads where I know that all of the “more” that I want in life, in my health, family, business, finances, is only going to come from pushing that boulder up the mountain- one that is so heavy and lopsided and could roll backward and crush me at any moment- and going all in with the scary things. The things that are going to make me get out of my comfort zone more than I ever have before and force me to be vulnerable and maybe even look stupid sometimes. The things that are going to require more discipline than indulgence and lots of trial and error. The things that I’m going to have to go into solely trusting the Lord and my gut, knowing that I might not see a return for months or years or ever. But heart pounding, I’m here for all of it, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to look back in another ten years and not be where I want to be because I didn’t do the scary things that I knew I needed to do now.

Maybe there’s something scaring you right now and that’s why you needed to read this. Maybe you’re scared because you know you need to end that toxic dating relationship or friendship so that you can find better for yourself. Or maybe you need to switch up your career path to follow what you want to do instead of what your parents want you to do. Or even just leave the job you’re at because it’s not what you know you should be doing but you just got comfortable. Maybe you need to go out for that team or promotion or fitness goal because your future self is going to be sad at you if you don’t. Whatever it is, know that I’m here with you and I’m scared, too. So let’s get out of our own heads and start doing the things that scare us most, deal? Because what’s on the other side of that fear is probably gonna be really, really good.

If you made it this far, leave a comment with something really good that came out of a time you went head first into your fears!


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