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white picture frame pink peonies white pitcher candle tan neutral books minimal southern style

white picture frame pink peonies white pitcher candle tan neutral books minimal southern style

I’m a big advocate for not letting your photos just sit on your computer or cell phone and not be shared past your social media accounts. Printing your photos and hanging them on your walls helps you make your house more of a home. Framed photos have a way of beautifully complementing your home’s decor and making a room feel more complete. Plus, every time you walk past those frames, you’ll be reminded of the special time that’s commemorated in those images. Maybe your engagement, day you said “I do,” welcoming your new child into the world, or the unique seasons of life and love that your family has shared as you’ve grown over the years. Printed photos also make the simplest and most meaningful gift when birthday and holidays roll around.

Because I want you to get your images off your electronic devices and onto the walls of your home and into the hands of your loved ones, I’ve provided an easy and inexpensive option for you to order prints and canvases directly through your client gallery. (To hear my two cents as to why you should order prints through your client gallery vs printing your images at your local drug store or even other online options, scroll down to the very bottom of this post.)

Here’s a little step-by-step of how you can spend 5 minutes placing an order for some prints that will stay in your family for generations. (Sidenote- the first time you log into your PASS Plus gallery on a computer, PASS does an excellent job walking you through the parts of your gallery so I encourage you to look at that, too. This is just a quick walk-through I’ve created explaining the print ordering process in case you need a little assistance.) Here, I show you what your screen will look like throughout the process when ordering on a computer. I recommend using a computer rather than a mobile device for print orders for better visibility.

STEP 1: Bring up your Client Gallery through the link I emailed to you.

STEP 2: Once you’re in your gallery, find an image you’d like to print and click on the “print” icon in the lower right corner.

If you’re clicking through the images individually, this is what the print icon will look like (still lower right corner).

STEP 3: Go through and select the product(s) you would like to order. You’ll notice that Prints is on the first tab and Canvas Prints is on the second tab. There are a few options for beautiful, gallery-wrapped canvases on the Canvas Prints tab.

There is also a “See other products” tab. At this time- February 2019, Prints and Canvas prints are the only products available for purchase through your client gallery. If you’d like to order an album (popular option for brides and grooms, newborns, and seniors), send me an email and I’ll send over everything you need to know for us to get that process started!

STEP 4: Once you’ve selected the size print you would like to order, go through and select the quantity and finish.

Your two options for finish are Lustre and Smooth Matte. The Lustre finish is most popular and most likely what you are most accustomed to when ordering photo prints. Lustre prints are finished with a lustre surface for vibrant colors and excellent skin tones and have a turn-around time of 2 business days + shipping. The other option, Smooth Matte, is hot pressed on 100% cotton paper. The surface has a smooth finish (not shiny at all). Because of the more luxe, fine art style of Smooth Matte, prints ordered in this finish take a couple extra days for processing and are just a little bit pricier.

STEP 5: This is an important one! Most of the typical print sizes are going be slightly different dimensions from that of your digital image files, so you’ll want to hover over the image and click on “Edit crop,” adjust to your liking and then click “OK” before you add to cart.

STEP 6: Once you select your finish, quantity, and adjust the crop (if needed), you’ll click “ADD TO CART” in the upper right corner. From there, you can go back to your gallery and follow the same process for any other images you want to print.

STEP 7: Once your cart is loaded up with all of your pretty prints, click on the cart icon in the upper right corner to begin the checkout process.

In checkout, you’ll double-check your order (be sure to look over your size/finish/quantity/crop one last time), and enter your shipping and billing info.

STEP 8: Before you submit your order, make sure you’ve checked over everything one last time and entered any coupon codes that you have (for instance, FRAMEITFEB code for 30% off through February 28, 2019).

PLEASE NOTE that all orders placed through your client gallery are final and will be shipped directly to you (they do not come through me first), so you’ll want to be sure your order is correct before submitting.

And that’s it for placing your print order! Keep your eye out for more blog posts in the coming weeks about printing your photos and check out my Pinterest board for tons of inspiration for how you can display your prints around your home.

FAQ: Why order prints through my gallery vs just printing my images at a drug store? When you order prints and canvases through your gallery, your print order is fulfilled through WHCC, my favorite pro lab that is available only to professional photographers. I could go on for a whole blog post about why pro lab prints are better than drug store/self-serve kiosk prints (and will link that post here if/when I publish it), but in short- pro labs are truly professionals at what they do. They use the most up-t0-date, high quality machinery run by real people and their equipment is all very well-maintained, meaning that your prints will be true in color to the actual image and created using materials that will last. Yes, you’ll pay a little bit more per print when you order through a pro lab, but this is comparable to booking a portrait session with a seasoned professional photographer vs. having your niece who got a fancy camera for Christmas take your photos. The quality is unmatched.

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