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So I’m doing the KJ Business Journey (an amazing year-long business overhaul) and she’s encouraging us to pick up our cameras more often in our day-to-day life and then immediately flip those images and get them on the blog. The main reasons for doing this are to have a permanent digital scrapbook to refer back to at any time (because who knows what social media will look like in 5 years) and also to just have accountability to go ahead and get those personal images off the hard drive and edited. And y’all- she is so right! I can’t tell you how many personal things I’ve photographed over the years and then got caught up in the grind again and never edited or shared them (Sorry, family. maybe one day we’ll see more of those pictures from Thanksgiving 2016 but I wouldn’t count on it).

Many of you know this, but my husband Chris is in a local rock band called Lion & Company (pretty cool, right?). They don’t perform as often as they used to right now because of their marriage/parenting/general adulting responsibilities, and when they do have concerts they often coincide with my weekend work schedule #weddingphotographerlife so it’s always a real treat to get to see them play a show. This past Saturday night, they had a concert at Smith’s Olde Bar and I decided to bring my camera along to snap a few shots. Let me preface the rest of this post by emphasizing that I am NOT a concert photographer. Therefore, I don’t claim to know anything about how to properly photograph a concert (like, I legit Googled recommended concert photography settings before they went on just to have a starting point). But it was fun awkwardly creeping around the stage and capturing some images of them having fun and doing their thing.

I tend to take for granted that Chris is in a band because it’s just been a part of his life throughout our entire marriage, so sometimes when I get to see them play a show, or when I remember that they have a CD on iTunes that I can stream at any time, it hits me in a surreal way like “OMG this is really a thing.” If only angsty, punk-rock obsessed teenager Rachel with her skinny pants and side-swept bangs had known that she’d be married to a real life band member one day. Chris is the cute guy on the drums just FYI. Kevin is the frontman. The bassist on the left is also named Kevin, and Danny is on the right playing guitar and mandolin.

I think it’s so admirable that even though all of these guys are married (sorry, ladies), dads (of either humans or pups) and have so much on their plates with work (even traveling a lot of the time), they make the time to get together and work on this passion of theirs. They even debuted a couple of new songs at Saturday’s show. They remind me that we can always find time in our schedules for our non-work creative outlets, no matter how busy we may think we are.

If you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into a Lion & Company show, leave them some love in the comments and go check out their album Burden of the Meek on iTunes or your favorite streaming platform. My favorite songs on their album are “Lady of Thistle” (which Chris wrote a lot of the lyrics for) and “Landlocked” (which sounds like what would be playing in the background of early episode of Grey’s when Meredith is chasing Derek down in the rain shouting “Choose ME, love ME” or something like that). And “Gunslinger” has been played on local radio around Atlanta a few times over the years. I’ll be sure to post on IG and Facebook when they have another show coming up and you can also follow them on Facebook by clicking here.


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