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I’ve been so excited to get this little guy’s lifestyle newborn session up on the blog! Colton is the son of my mom’s “work daughter” Brittany. I’ve gotten to know Brittany over the years through what my mom has told me about her and connecting on Instagram. We finally got to spend some time together in person this past fall when I did maternity and family pictures for them! This sweet little family has been uniquely fun for me to get to work with because Colton is their second child. Most of my #rachelparsonsmilestones families are bringing their first little one into the world.

My favorite part of Colton’s session (aside from getting to love on an adorable, squishy new baby of course!) was seeing Colton’s older sister Ella interact with her new baby brother. I’m the oldest of three so I can understand a bit of what must have been going on in Ella’s precious two-year-old brain. A mix of complete adoration for her new baby brother but also some honest curiosity about this big change to her little world. Brittany is also a home decorating guru, and I could not have dreamed up a cuter house to get to take photos in. Enjoy some of my favorites from our morning together!

Did your heart melt into a puddle yet? If you loved Colton’s session, let me know what your favorite part was in the comments! Aren’t the photos of him and his big sister just the sweetest?

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